Echocardiographer- Full Time- Frick Hospital- Sign On Bonus

Performs noninvasive diagnostic testing using cardiac ultrasound to provide data to the physicians to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disorders. These tests include but are not limited to transthoracic echos, transesophageal echos, stress echos and dobutamine stress echos.
Actively promotes a Lean work culture by performing team member duties to encourage consistent use of LEAN principles and processes, including continually seeking work process improvements. Recognizes the necessity of taking ownership of one's own motivation, morale, performance and professional development. Strives for behavior consistent with being committed to Excela's missions, vision and values.
1.Regular, consistent, on-site, and timely attendance.
"Ability to perform the Essential Functions on the Physical Conditions chart; and the ability to perform the Essential Functions on the Working Conditions chart (see attached charts)"
1.Acquires all images required by echo protocol for a complete (2D, Doppler and Color Flow) and follow- up transthoracic echocardiogram, transephogeal echocardiogram and a stress echo
a.Introduces self to patient and explains the test.
b.Asks the patient to state their name and date of birth and confirms by comparing to arm bracelet and requisition.
c.Conducts the technical aspects of the test according to protocol explaining as much as is needed to keep patient engaged in the process and comfortable with what is being done.
d.Documents in the medical record that the test was completed and any other pertinent data.
2.Makes the determination of technical limitations in the exam, proceeds if needed, terminates exam or administers contrast to enhance.
a.Explains the need for contrast and gets verbal consent from patient to proceed.
b.Uses existing IV, starts IV or gets trained staff to start an IV for them
c.Administers contrast agent per protocol
d.Continues gathering needed views in sync with the contrast agent per protocol
3.Downloads all the portions of study needed for complete interpretation including all technical data established in protocol.
a.Enters or downloads all ADT information needed
b.Enters ordering physician, interpreting physician and tech completing the test
c.Completes all data fields expected per protocol
4.Completes daily all clerical functions related to running this department
a.Answering and making phone calls
b.Getting reports to physicians for interpretation and then distributing them as needed.
c.Posts charges daily
d.Copies and files as needed
5.Maintains a productivity rating of + or - 10% of other staff in the department on a quarterly basis based on the relative time allotted per UOS.
Recent graduate of an accredited program in echocardiography or more than one year of recent echo experience.

Don't Be Fooled

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